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About This Course


When two people become one couple, a promising new future begins...until the bills show up. And a new reality sets in.

  • That dream of buying a new home? Postponed by student loan payments.
  • Your plan to have kids? On hold until you can afford it.
  • Being able to talk without fighting? Gets a little harder every month.

At The Love & Money Project™, we believe money is messing with too many Christian relationships. It doesn't have to, this course can help. 


  • Start working with (not against) your partner—so that you can reach your financial goals
  • Rekindle your hopes and dreams for the future, and make a plan that will get you there
  • Strengthen your relationship with money, and understand what influences how you spend today

Are you ready to leave behind the stress and frustration over money, and start writing the love and money story you were called to create? 

Start your 14 day free trial to see if this eCourse could be right for you! 


We believe deeply in the power of the Love & Money eCourse. After completing it, if you have not gained the tools and understanding you need to positively navigate money with your partner, we will refund 200% of your purchase price. Simply email a copy of your completed Storyboard to and we will happily send you the 200% refund. Limit one refund per couple.


What do you DO each lesson? 

Everyone learns a little differently so we designed the Love & Money eCourse to engage a variety of learning styles. Each lesson includes videos, hands-on activities, and a next step application.

Do I need to take the eCourse with my partner? 

We’ve built this eCourse for all Christian couples—those who are able to take the course together, and those who aren’t. We’ve even crafted “Take Away Questions” at the end of each lesson so that you can easily and naturally bring these questions up in conversations with your spouse and include him or her in the process.

How long does each lesson take?

There are seven lessons, and each one takes about 20 minutes or so.  

How often should we do the lessons?

We designed this eCourse to be flexible enough to fit into anyone’s life. That said, we recommend couples do it between once every three days and once every two weeks. This way you have some time to digest and let it sink in, but not so much time that you forget what you’ve already learned.

Is there much prep work or homework? 

Nope, each session is pretty self-contained. During the lessons there are optional “Try This” activities for those who would like to go deeper and explore the concepts between the lessons.

Do we create one or two accounts? 

Just one. Pick which of your emails you’d like to use then set a password you can both remember.

What’s the difference between your eCourse and Financial Peace University?

We think FPU is a great program, and we are so grateful for all the ways that that team is impacting people’s lives. What makes this eCourse different is that it's all about learning to navigate money as a couple. That’s why we’ve included some powerful tools to help you: Better understand each other’s money habits, navigate stress together, communicate in a healthy way, and tie your goals to your shared values so that you can set and achieve them as a couple.

The Love & Money Project
The Love & Money Project

The Love & Money Project exists for one purpose: to empower couples to grow stronger in their relationships and their finances. Our team and its partners include ministry leaders, counselors, researchers, and educators—backed by the support of Thrivent Financial, a member-owned, not-for-profit that has been helping Christians with their finances for over 100 years.

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